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4916 W Elm Street
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Screening and Testing

  • Background Checks
  • Work Reference
  • Verifications
  • Drug Screening
  • Follow-Up Interviews
  • Exit Interviews

All applicants placed by A+ have been met and interviewed by an A+ human resource partner. We do not place job seekers we have not met. We do not place or recommend applicants whose work references are unverifiable. A+ does not simply refax resumes received in response to a search request.

An A+ applicant interview is conducted in two stages. First, there is an initial applicant interview. Then, once the applicant information is verified, a second meeting is held to discuss a particular job opening in detail. If the applicant is a possible fit, job duties, hours, wages, responsibilities, dress code - everything specific is covered before the candidate is put forth for the position.

This two-step approach on our part has proven to be a serious time and money saver to our clients, reducing the very substantial costs involved in the retraining and replacing of persons who prove unqualified once on the job, or simply uninterested in the offered position and the company.