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Temp to Hire

  • Interviews at your convenience
  • Choice of employee
  • Probationary Periods
  • Employee Guarantee

Almost all of our client companies have found temp-to-hire staffing to be their best pick as a flexible solution to finding and hiring new employees.

You can choose whether or not you wish to interview applicants. Your new hire remains an A+ employee for the first three months on the job (480 working hours) or longer, should you wish. All A+ employee guarantees are in place.

We have found three to four months an ideal time period in which to decide whom you wish to make your own.

Should you find yourself undecided at the end of the temp-to-hire run, or if other business factors are pending influencing new hiring, the employee, at your request, can remain an A+ employee. We then step in and provide company benefits, including insurance. You can then hire whom you wish when you wish.

Current estimates state that turnover can cost as high as six months of employee annual wages in downtime, retraining, and administrative costs. Using temp-to-hire works.